William Saito – Need of Cyber security in Present Time

William Saito is a Japanese American entrepreneur, and specialist in the field of Cyber security based at Los Angeles, CA United States. It is an international trend comprising a complicated socio-technical task for government authorities, but demanding the participation of people. Although, one of the most important difficulties experienced by government authorities today. The emergency and behavior of individuals do not indicate advanced level of attention. The Internet is all too often regarded as a secure atmosphere for discussing information, dealings the physical world. Most people seem to consider the Internet to be a safe environment and using their smart phones, tablets and computers on an everyday foundation to improving and running into greater expenses in working with these Cyber security occurrences.

William Saito

According to William Saito, the need for Cyber security is becoming more and more important due to our dependency on Information and Interaction technological innovation across each and every aspect of our cyber physical community. It is required for anyone, for community and non-public companies, but ensuring protection often turns out to be difficult. The sites of many government authorities have restricted security and might be easily compromised. The issue of protection is not only helpful for the professional power, but is also based on governmental events, energy facilities suppliers, water forums, street control, ministries, control companies, NGOs and even wearing companies (such as the Worldwide Olympic games Committee), all of which have already been the focus on of breaches and the taking of information. These breaches can thus be said to affect all stakeholders these days.

Cyber security issues both individuals and techniques, but the complexness of this connection goes beyond the knowing of most individuals. Strong information of online security, IT facilities and the types of strikes that are possible are necessary to comprehend what is going on. However, it is not merely technological innovation that performs a part. It has often been mentioned that individuals are the most fragile web link in the online security sequence. Humans are a factor in keeping and upgrading techniques to make sure that the latest defenses are set up, that strikes are recognized instantly, and countermeasures can be taken. This also needs guidelines to be set up and that individuals comprehend what is needed, as we know that unawareness on the part of customers can present further vulnerabilities; for example, by using poor security passwords, setting up untrustworthy software and using vulnerable gadgets and programs.

Eventually, William Saito presented that cyber security is significant and perspective as a technical problem that needs to be settled. Our community is starting to be a cyber physical community having dependency on Information and Interaction technological innovation across all factors of our everyday life, which creates the need for internet security vital. The intangible characteristics of online security, the socio-technical dependences, the uncertain effect and competitive characteristics of battling for policymakers.


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